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Innovative Smart Card Technology from Meyers

Meyers Greencard

Meyers Greencard™ History

Meyers was approached in 2004 by a large software developer for help in finding a solution to some problems that they were having with their download cards. The issues they were experiencing had to do with code accountability and quality and included missing codes, duplicate codes and unreadable codes.

Their other concerns with traditional PVC cards they were using included: the high cost of smaller orders, long cycle time, high cost of multi-step processes for scratch-off, and of course the environmental concerns with PVC.

Meyers' solution was to design and develop a card that would deliver the codes they required with complete accuracy, while addressing their other concerns.

We developed a completely new, now patented card design and manufacturing process that resulted in the Meyers Greencard™. The new Meyers Greencard™ was the exact solution they were looking for; it offered a single-step manufacturing process for cost effectiveness, short cycle time, 100% verification of code accountability, and a completely recyclable card product.

Disney Magical Membership Cards

Disney® Chooses Meyers Greencard™

When Disney® approached a large software developer for suggestions as to who to turn to for producing their Magical Membership Card, they directed them to Meyers. Disney® had been experiencing problems with their then current cards, which were plastic, such as missing codes and duplicate codes. Having correct codes was critical to Disney® because the membership cards allowed the user to play an online game via the Internet with other users.

The result was Disney® adopting the Meyers Greencard™ for their Pixie Hollow game. Disney® loved the idea that the Meyers Greencard™ offered 100% code accountability, it had the "look and feel of plastic", and since it is made of paper it was totally recyclable, and helped them in their "green" efforts.

THQ Fighter Gaming Cards

THQ® chooses Meyers Greencard™ For Its Gaming Cards

THQ, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software, came to Meyers to help them deliver downloadable content and resolve code integrity and print quality problems that they were experiencing. Previously they had been finding missed codes, duplicate codes as well as other variable print issues. All of these problems were causing enormous headaches for them; their call center was becoming overloaded with complaints, there were product recalls and missed launched opportunities, to name just a few.

Switching to the patented Meyers Greencard™ gave THQ® 100% code integrity, a much higher print quality than they had experienced before, as well as the added benefit that the cards were now completely recyclable.

Jazzman's Café Greencard

Jazzman's Café and Bakery Relies On Meyers Greencard™ To Build Traffic

Jazzman's Café and Bakery turned to Meyers for a solution to help them drive traffic to their stores, build customer loyalty and direct people to their new web site.

They especially wanted to drive traffic to the web site where customers could view special offers, such as free syrup shots, or free shipping on coffee bean orders, and others.

The patented Meyers Greencard™ process delivered a card with the look and feel of plastic, and since it is made from paper, it is completely recyclable, which was very important to Jazzman's because all of their stores are on or near college campuses where sustainability issues are very important.

The Jazzman's Perk's Card proved successful in both driving traffic to their new web site, and building traffic in the stores.

Bill Nye's Climate Lab Climate Scout ID Cards

Bill Nye "The Science Guy's" Climate Lab Opens At The Chabot Space & Science Center And Meyers "Smart Cards" Play A Big Part.

Oakland, CA
When Bill Nye's Climate Lab opened here on November 20th, 2010, Meyers "Smart Cards" played a big part. Three years in the making, the Chabot Space & Science Center's new permanent hands-on exhibit, Bill Nye's Climate Lab, features our home planet and how its human inhabitants can influence climate change and discover clean energy opportunities and solutions.

Climate Scout ID cards issued to visitors will track participation in exhibits and how well they accomplish goals to reduce energy consumption and find solutions to global warming. Registration allows visitors to continue their interactive experience at where challenges and solutions to create a healthy planet continue.

Meyers, long a leader in the production of "Smart Cards", utilizing RFID technology, produced the Climate Scout ID cards for this permanent exhibit.

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