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Meyers Sets Itself Apart with Purchase of One-of-a-kind KBA Rapida 205 81-inch Six-Color UV Press

June 26, 2010

Unique configuration specifically designed for the in-store retail-marketing segment

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Minneapolis based Meyers, a leading producer of innovative retail marketing solutions, has purchased a new KBA Rapida 205 81-inch six-color press with coater and UV capabilities. The Rapida 205,the largest press model in the world, significantly enhances Meyers production capabilities. The new press will be up and running by early spring of 2011.

"Our $10 million investment in new technology is centered on this new KBA press which is designed and engineered specifically for the in-store signage and display segments of retail marketing," says Fred Silloway, president of Meyers Retail Marketing Solutions Group. "This investment closely aligns the needs of our customers with our growing core competencies and demonstrates a clear path to market leadership."

The KBA Rapida 205, which is custom built in Germany, is a revolutionary piece of equipment that prints sheets up to 81 X 59-inches. The press produces extralarge format, high-quality products in a highly cost efficient manner. This is the first press of this size to offer a wide range of automated technologies that provide for extremely high print quality and low make-ready times. This press is significant because with its "one-of-a-kind" configuration and its high degree of automation, it brings massive efficiencies to the production of printed sheets, and with its UV drying capabilities, it will print on any substrate.

A number of important factors were considered before selecting the KBA. A key requirement was that any new technology must support the Meyers' Lean/ Quick Response system, and by reducing cycle time and thus delivering promotional signage and display solutions to the market even faster.

"Our high level of success is due to our innovation and to the partnerships that we forge with our Fortune 500 Retail and Brand Marketer customers," says Silloway. "We're very responsive to their needs; it's been said we continually generate long term value by creating highly effective solutions in a fast, low cost, easy fashion. Our new KBA press will enhance these qualities and strengthen our commitment to our customers."

"The new press is phase II of an overall $16 million investment in our company," says Silloway. "It also includes state of the art, large-format digital flat-bed press, custom print management information system, and other auxiliary equipment designed to provide wider capabilities and capacity at overall lower costs. Our KBA press installation is the key cornerstone of our investment in new technology and we will be continuing to move into Phase III and Phase IV of our overall growth and reinvestment investment strategy in the coming years."

Established in 1949, Meyers designs and manufactures retail marketing solutions in all sizes and forms for for the world's top brands to use at retail to merchandise their products and to promote their brands.

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