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Meyers announces the environmentally friendly Greencard™ as option to traditional PVC Reward and Gift Cards

Meyers Greencards

The Meyers Greencard offers an environment friendly advantage for reward, download content and gift card programs. The Greencard fulfills all needed distribution, history and security functions for these programs. To these requirements, the Greencard™ adds advantages of faster production to market, 42% energy savings, 69% Green House Gas savings and 89% water use savings. The technology behind the Greencard production process is protected with U.S. Patent No. 7,537,168.

Using the Meyers Greencard, programs get to market up to 90% faster. Reward, Download Content and Gift programs using the Meyers Greencard™ are produced in 15 to 20 days versus traditional card programs that require up to 18 weeks of production time using the traditional PVC card (based on production of 2 million cards). In addition to speed to market, the Meyers Greencard™ offers printed graphic flexibility not available in traditional PVC production.

The patented production process of the Meyers Greencard provides options of unique barcode, serial number, concealed authorization code and magnetic stripe verification systems. The Greencard provides capabilities for pre-loaded value, POS valuation or on-line activation.

Environmental advantages begin with 42% energy savings measured in Joules (Megajoules). Production of 1000 Meyers Greencards uses 243.6 Megajoules versus 422.9 Megajules used in PVC production. Creating 10 Million gift cards using these systems identifies energy savings for the Meyers Greencard™ equivalent to recycling seven tons of aluminum cans and equal to the average gas, electric and heating oil use of 17 average American homes.

Green House Gas emissions showcase the next advantage. Production of 1000 Meyers Greencard redemption cards produces 4.7 kgCO2e. The same card production using traditional PVC produces 15.2 kgCO2e. This illustrates a 69% savings in Green House Gas emission for the Greencard. Producing 10 Million gift cards creates CO2 savings equivalent to a Prius driven 9 times around the Earth, or an average semi-tractor trailer driven twice around the Earth.

Water use in production is an important element to monitor. The Meyers Greencard™ uses 340 Liters per 1000 cards produced. PVC production of 1000 cards requires 3,026 Liters. This demonstrates an 89% savings for the Meyers Greencard™. Producing 10 Million gift cards creates a savings equivalent to 49 years of water use of a typical household family of four.

Greencard study performed by Sustain LLC,

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