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To become the acknowledged leaders in the markets we serve with the most trusted and respected:

  • Customers
  • People
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Design
  • Partners
  • Technology
  • Performance & Brand


  • Attitude: To passionately serve others with a customer-first priority.
  • Innovate: Innovation can be a source of both improvement and failure; nevertheless, it is the key to doing better.
  • Growth: Meyers has always valued growing the business. It brings opportunity for employees, more resources for our customers and proof in the marketplace that we continue to improve.
  • Work Ethic: To work smart, hard and with integrity and balance. To follow the Golden Rule and be good stewards of the environment.
  • Sustainability: For Meyers, sustainability is both a business strategy and an ethical imperative. It is the motivating force behind our innovative products, environmentally responsible design and our manufacturing processes.
  • Resourcefulness: To care enough to create value beyond expectation. A sense of urgency must drive a strong bias for action.
  • Teamwork: To help each other become better together and to have fun. The good of the whole comes before the good of any one part.
  • Learning: To never stop learning, both as individuals and as a company. We read books, go to seminars and attend classes and training sessions to continue our education.
  • Ability: To recognize that the ability of our company is truly the sum of the abilities of individual employees. To be the best, we must hire and retain only the best.
  • Accountability: To own responsibilities from start to finish.
  • Quality: To embrace the lifelong pursuit of perfect performance through improvements in all of our processes.
  • Rewards: To share and celebrate with those making meaningful contributions. Rewards and consequences match performance.
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