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NEW! Innovations from Meyers to help prevent coupon fraud!

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Preventing coupon fraud with innovations from Meyers.
Coupon fraud is a growing problem and Meyers has the solution! Meyers has been chosen by some of the largest CPG marketers in the country to help them prevent coupon fraud. The advent of home-based desktop scanners and high-quality desktop printers has made coupon fraud more prevalent. We've all heard about individual coupon fraud cases in the news, and stopping fraud must happen at the checkout lane. The Coupon Information Center has issued some impressive specifications that will go a long way to making that work. We offer a number of solutions that can be utilized by the CPG Marketer and Clearing Houses to help identify coupon fraud fast.
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We offer a Verify Brand solution that can be utilized by the CPG Marketer and Clearing Houses to help identify coupon fraud fast. This is the latest in pedigree technology being utilized by some of the most sensitive applications in the world, but may just be applicable to all coupons when built into the upcoming RS1 DataBar code.
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One part of this solution is to have the serial number printed in reverse since it is virtually impossible for the non-professional to easily scan the number and then change the number. It would be difficult and very time consuming which is why we've chosen to print these numbers "reversed-to-white".
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Another is the metal-foil hologram since it cannot be electronically scanned into a computer and duplicated. The three-dimensional aspect of the hologram is virtually impossible to reproduce and therefore another deterrent to high-value coupon fraud.

Another Meyers' exclusive feature, the Microprint copy area on the reverse side of the coupon is a covert security feature. Just as the hologram and serial number are overt security features, something that the general public can easily see and recognize, a covert feature like the Microprint copy area allows only the CPG marketer and their clearing house to be able to confidentially authenticate each and every coupon. The Microprint cannot be scanned in and duplicated and the information can be as unique on the reverse as the serial number is on the obverse. What information goes there is totally up to your needs.

A highly visible date printed ON TOP OF THE HOLOGRAM provides the CIC protocol protection and takes it to another level. This easy-to-read date means that the cashier can easily spot the date, read the date and determine if the coupon is valid. Though this could easily seem like a small point, look at the Meyers' date versus one-color alternatives and you will see why we feel this is so important.

If these issues are important to you give us a call or e-mail us so we can tell you how we can help your company today!

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