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Retail Marketing Solutions

Pretzel Time Lemon Twist Standee

Pretzel Time Lemon Twist Standee

Worx Innovation Bay

Worx Innovation Bay

Point of Sale (POS) Products for Retailers

For innovative Retail Marketing Solutions that Drive Sales, many of the world's leading Retailers and Brand Marketers consistently choose Meyers. Our "single point of contact", Award Winning Creative Design, Blazing Speed to Market and innovation, are repeatedly endorsed by our customers.

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Our Mission: Influencing and motivating consumer decisions at the point of purchase. Our purpose is to help our clients win the battle at retail.

Our Focus: We provide highly creative solutions for our clients to use at retail to merchandise their products and promote their brands.

Our Specialty: We deliver high-quality products, great service, and incredible speed to market. And we offer it all under one roof.

Our Solutions: We are recognized by our clients as a point-of-sale solutions provider with the unique ability to develop creative ideas and reduce them to practice.

Our Approach:

  • Understand the objective
  • Study the category and channels of distribution
  • Evaluate strategic alternatives
  • Design creative concepts
  • Execute the solution

The Results: Real savings and blazing speed to market come from our collaboration at the concept stage of the project, where we optimize your projects based on the best design, engineering and manufacturing processes.

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