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Verizon Best Buy Pre-Paid Display

Verizon "Best Buy" Pre-Paid Display

The goal of this Verizon display, destined for Best Buy stores nationwide, was to get a "sales lift" on in-store activations. The timing was just right as Verizon had recently launched the in-store activation functionality so there was an overall renewed focus on the prepaid category. It also allowed for Verizon to announce their new Smartphone Price Plan and their new devices.

Verizon was looking to refresh their existing shipper and wanted to launch a shipper that would stand out in the Best Buy store environment. Meyers and Verizon worked closely together to create and refine a design that would pull in the customer.  By creating a very unique curved design that would complement the Verizon red and show off the Verizon Graphics was the perfect solution.  It is unusual for Best Buy Stores to allow displays that go away from their branding, they like the displays to "blend in". The fact that this display used Verizon colors and graphics made it really stand out to the consumer. The display instantly connected with Shoppers as the Verizon Brand and product was extremely visible and accessible to the consumer. 


West Marine Product Display Initiative

Creative Shootout Results In Great Solution For Navico

Navico approached Meyers and several others, for a "creative shootout", in order to find the absolute best design solution for their "West Marine Display Initiative". The design brief stated, "Develop a best-in-class product display for the "Shelf" stores that will help achieve 2013-2014 West Marine-Navico revenue objectives".

The task was to design a shelf display that would accomplish a number of goals:

  • Strategically impact store sales in alignment with West Marine-Navico revenue objectives for 2013-2014
  • Prominently display and promote key products or growth categories
  • Further refine goal of "best in class" POP
  • Drive consumer interest, consideration and purchase of Navico branded products
  • Help consumer envision having and using the product on their boat
  • Help convey ease of installation and use to the consumer
  • Help encourage sales of mapping cards mounts, or accessories for the unit

Additionally, the displays would support and guide the sales associate in the product discussion, answering questions and overcoming any objections to complete the sale, and serve as visual and informational aid. And importantly, the displays had to be totally turnkey, they had to show up at the stores virtually ready to go. Meyers installed and tested each of the products before the left our dock, so that when they arrived at the stores they were "ready to sell".

The Meyers solution won out, beating the other "contestants" while meeting all of design goals that were set out in the brief. Meyers award winning Design team clearly understood the objective and intuitively knew just what was needed. Simple, great looking, and "value engineered" to perform at-retail.

Carpet One Selector

Carpet One Selector

Integer Midwest reached out to Meyers Retail Marketing Solutions for help in creating a unique way to showcase designer flooring brands in Carpet One retail stores. Carpet One needed a creative solution for displaying their line of products that would provide consumers more control over their design choices.

The challenge for the Meyers creative team was to develop a display that would make it easier for the consumer to envision their own home and be able to build a personalized combination of paint colors and materials right in the store. With so many choices, sometimes the selection of flooring and paint can be overwhelming and even intimidating. The solution helped simplify and organize the consumer's decision-making process while at the same time promoted two prominent home interior premium brands, Carpet One and Benjamin Moore.

On a kiosk-style display, a flipbook of flooring samples along with designer Benjamin Moore paint swatches were available and made it possible for the consumer to build their own personal style. The flipbook is comprised of various flooring and paint samples displayed on a living room image. The consumer is able to experiment with the image until they find a combination that is right for them. The free standing kiosk-style display design aids the consumer in visualizing a space to see how two products complement each other and allowed the consumer a hands-on, interactive approach to interior design.

When flooring is viewed on a sample swatch alone, it may not be nearly as appealing as it is when shown in an actual image of a room. Integer thoughtfully designed the flipbook flooring samples with photos that truly depict the quality of the designer flooring and paint. The overall concept and execution of the kiosk-style display along with the paint and flooring samples was successful in aiding Carpet One's consumers in simplifying the design process and created an in-store destination for do-it-yourselfers.

Cadillac Seasons Best Promotion

Cadillac Seasons Best Promotion

For the fourth straight year, Meyers has produced the display and promotional materials for Cadillac's annual "Seasons Best" promotion, and distributed them to Cadillac dealers nationwide.

The challenge was to design and produce the materials so that they would ship at an acceptable size, and yet they would be easy and fast to set up. Each kit consisted of 12 boxes in different sizes, posters, and other related materials. One other interesting fact regarding the kits is that we used over a mile of custom imprinted satin ribbon in their production.

These festive gift boxes were designed to catch the eye of the shoppers as they walked into the dealerships, and draw their attention to the special year-end promotion.

Cadillac's year-end "Seasons Best" sales event continues to be one of their most successful, due in large part to the attention grabbing over-size gift boxes stacked around the dealerships.

Maui Jim Spiderman Display for Sunglass Hut Sunglass Hut Storefront - Spiderman Display

Maui Jim's "Spider-Man Inspired" Kekoa Eyewear Debuts At Sunglass Hut Stores

A Meyers Designed and produced display helped launch Maui Jimıs new line of Spider-Man inspired eyewear at Sunglass Hut stores nationwide. The Meyers solution was a response to the clients several requirements for the project. The display needed to fit an existing fixture in the stores, the sunglasses on display had to appear as if they were "floating", the display had to be very easy to assemble, and it had to ship relatively flat. "Spider-Man" was produced using litho-label mounted to black, "pillowed" fome-cor®. The "box" was made up of .024 SBS, with a shelf made of clear PETG, giving the effect of floating glasses. Simple, yet elegant and effective, the solution that Meyers arrived at is a classic example of "value engineering". Great design flawlessly executed and delivered with "Blazing Speed".

Rockwell Interactive End Cap Display Of The Year 2012 2012 POPAI Display Of The Year Best Of Times Award

Rockwell Interactive End Cap

2012 POPAI "Display Of The Year" winner
2011 "Best Of Times" winner

Meyers was asked to design a display that would reinvent and redefine the Rockwell brand of 12V Lithium Tech™ power tools with no restrictions on design, budget, or P&L constraints. It was basically a dream assignment. They were looking for a completely fresh idea to reinvigorate their line of redesigned power tools.

The use of high-impact strategy and brand defining graphics were what set our display apart from the competition. Our new "category defining" display was the result of an out of the box creative session in the client's conference room, involving Meyers designers actually constructing a mockup with cardboard, tape, magic markers, and coincidentally, almost missing their flight back to Minneapolis. Surprisingly, the resulting prototype and final display were remarkably close to this original hand-made replica.

Next, our prototype was constructed at a Lowes in North Carolina and shoppers were observed and interviewed to gauge their reactions to the display. After the research phase was completed, only one alteration needed to be made to the video content of the display. All other elements remained unchanged from the prototype. The completed displays were shipped to Lowes stores nationwide and were assembled in the stores by store personnel, with no need for outside contractors. Telescoping panels and header allowed one design to fit into the three existing bay widths at each of the Lowes stores.

Our display has completely redefined the image of the Rockwell Brand and its products going forward. We successfully turned our client's vision into three dimensional retail reality.

The end cap display was constructed from a combination of materials including sheet metal, litho label on Sintra, corrugated, styrene, and of course; the electronics.

Our design includes a central flat-panel monitor that is linked to each individual tool. A button at the tool location activates a short informational message about each product, describing its benefits and uses.

The result is a display with a modern yet rugged impression and powerful graphics, along with interactive features that are proven to be quite successful in pulling in shoppers to give it a try.

Worx Innovation Bay

Worx Innovation Bay
This interactive kiosk has a product specific video that reinforces this redefined brand of work tools to help deliver the message to consumers. By having all of the products on interactive stands, the program was able to connect with shoppers throughout the retail store environment by having actual products available to be tested. By enhancing the visual experience with clever graphics and shapes, educating the shoppers at retail was a pleasurable and easy experience.

Hormel Big Y Display

Hormel Big Y Display
An innovative solution to creating a display for the Big Y stores that could be shopped from all sides, have an inviting look and be much more attractive and approachable than just a simple pallet display. The use of natural wood and attractive graphics also contributed in creating a warm and inviting appearance.

Zeno Mini Cube Counter Display

Zeno "Mini" Cube Counter Display
This display was designed with an upscale look and feel to quantify the price point and effectiveness of the product as a beauty-enhancing device. The look and feel was further enhanced by the use of acrylic and other high-end materials. The addition of motion sensitive lighting and a matte foil board backdrop to illuminate the product on a dimensional pedestal gave it the feeling of a much-coveted museum piece.  The lighting also served to add excitement with the instant-on feature set off by motion sensors when the consumer walks by.  The light was set on a timer to fade out slowly with specific on and off function to preserve the battery.  It also featured a special pull out tray to allow for more detailed copy to be shared with the consumer.

SoBe Pure Display

SoBe "Pure" Display
Using an innovative display solution, designed and produced by Meyers, SoBe introduced "Pure", a new enhanced water beverage, at most Super Targets nationwide (June 2011), with in-store demos.
The SoBe Pure display engaged shoppers and created a real "social" connection by having them press the "Like" button (connected to the bright LED counter) to vote for the new beverage, or "like" it (think Facebook).
In addition to the bright LED counter, the shoppers were drawn in by the innovative lighting used in the display. Using LED lights behind the transparent bottles, gave the unit an "aura", creating a distinctive and appealing look.

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