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Sunglass Hut Holiday Window Signage

Sunglass Hut Holiday Window Signage
Sunglass Hut sought out Meyers with a request, similar to many of our customers, to create a unique in store signage solution that represents their brand, is visually appealing, and pulls consumers into their stores nationwide.

During the holiday season, Sunglass Hut planned to announce their new brand icon, Georgia May Jagger, within their "Out Of The Box" in store campaign. Meyers took on the task full force delivering Sunglass Hut a vibrant, eye-catching, and dimensional sign that took 'window shopping' to the next level. The 3-dimensional look Meyers created, grabbed the attention of shoppers and drove an immense amount of traffic into their stores throughout the season.

Not only did Sunglass Hut consumers find this sign appealing, the Path To Purchase Institute - Design Of The Times 2013 featured it as a finalist in the award ceremony and Meyers brought home the Bronze!

Capital One Bank Double Rewards

Capital One Bank "Double Rewards"
Capital One Bank, which has a reputation for "edgy" promotions, asked Meyers to create a design for their "Double Rewards" program that would do more than just engage their customers and get them to ask a banker or teller about the program. They also wanted a display that was "pop-art worthy". The other requirement was that the displays needed to be in the banks soon. There was no time for special tooling or dies; they just needed them fast!

The resulting display was the culmination of the "Double Rewards" offer, Meyers' creativity and Capital One's personality - Capital One Bank is about compelling value made easy. It communicates with humor and edginess that sets it apart from other banks.

The display, along with the window clings and posters, was entirely successful in driving inquiries to the bankers, and in getting appointments to discuss the new program. Capital One says it was one of their most successful promotions ever.

Michelob Ultra Houseboat

Michelob Ultra Houseboat
Getting together with family and friends is synonymous with boating and what better way to share good times together than aboard a houseboat. That was the theme of this successful 3-dimensonal signage created for Michelob Ultra.

Pretzel Time, New Dog / New Kick

Pretzel Time, New Dog / New Kick
The size, the cool graphics, the picture of the new Jalapeno Pretzel Dog, and the added dimension of this standee all contributed to drawing shoppers into Pretzel Time stores everywhere to sample this new offering.

Bud Summertime Grill & Chill Dangler

Bud Summer Chill & Grill Rotating Dangler
This two-sided motion display was designed to support and promote the Bud family of brands during the summer outdoor grilling season.
The “Chill & Grill” theme was set in place using oversize grilling utensils on the sides of the display and incorporating a battery operated motorized spinning grill with an assortment of popular grilling selections. Three large branded bottles were prominently located at the top of the display chilling in a field of ice. Black foam board was used to carry the grill theme and minimize warping on the large rotating grill disk.

GE Showroom Display

GE Showroom Display
Constructed out of multiple materials, this display was designed to showcase new GE products by creating an in-home visual. The graphics created an up scale aesthetic similar to that of a contractor’s showroom.

Landshark Display Rack

LandShark 6-pack display rack
The challenge was to create an affordable rack made from traditional temporary materials for 6-packs of LandShark beer that would still have the support and integrity of a rack made from wood and other similar permanent materials. Meyer’s innovative engineering and design came up with this solution.

Hummer H3T Launch Wall

2009 Hummer H3T Launch Wall mBox
Meyer’s unique modular mBox construction was used for this display at Hummer dealers nationwide to support the launch of the new H3T. The mBox signage was used to effectively highlight the differences between the H3 and the new H3T just being introduced.

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