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This looks amazing! Thanks for all of your hard work and support!


Got them! They look and sound great

the Vitamin Shoppe

Maui Jim was a big hit with the stores. The materials turned out really great

Sunglass Hut

Thanks for your role in helping Hormel drive brand growth on the COMPLEATS brand!


Thank you Josh for running out there and setting the headers! You win the best vendor partner award from me!


The merchant has been thrilled with the execution of the signing at the store level. Every store they've been in have executed the signing flawlessly. Thanks for all your help and rushing these last minute kits out to the stores!


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Thanks so much for double checking everything, you saved us again!!


It's just really good to know how smart you guys are! Thanks so much for keeping on us about this! I shall never question you guys again...


I really to appreciate all the hard work and effort Meyers has pumped into Positec projects over the last year. The designs and engineering are blowing our competitors away and the graphic design is cutting edge. Meyers focus on quality and craftsmanship really shows and your attention to detail is amazing. Keep up the great work. Meyers is an valuable partner for Positec and I look forward to our future collaborations.

Thanks for all the help.


Summit Group and their client loved the large Smoothie display. Great work everyone. Thanks again for all the help on this one.

Summit Group

This has to be the best execution I have ever seen! A lot of credit goes to Holly and Meyers. Holly installed 20 displays in test markets so she was able to iron out a lot of potential snags. This allowed us to refine the installation instructions. Lastly, installing the product on the displays at Meyers makes this a turnkey operation for the reps.


Thank you for your team's quick response.


Mark, the end caps looked AMAZING! Great job!

General Mills

Hi Pat!
We are getting rave reviews on the mBox. Many thanks to you and your team for producing such a great product!


I want you to know how much I personally appreciate Catherine and everything she has done for us. If all of our partners were like you guys we would not have any issues.

E. R.
Frito-Lay, Inc.

I meant to have a long phone call with you after we had our executive presentation. It was great, and we got 100% buy in on what we proposed. During my part of the presentation, I said that we were working with Meyers, and mentioned some of your other clients, and said that you had helped Brett and I figure out what to do, and guided us so we didn?t go down the wrong path, helped us learn how to get the most bang for the buck, etc., etc.

The president of our group got very excited. I heard him quoting me throughout the day, talking about forming partnerships with people and companies who can help us grow.



I could not be more pleased with the displays! They are top notch quality all around. Thanks for pulling these together.


I was talking with Brett on Friday about how easy it is to do things with you guys... We have an idea, you tell us if there's a better way to do it. We get the quotes, we like the quotes, we submit the order and deadline, Holli sends us proofs, and maybe a question or two, we sign off on things and you print and ship them. I need to have the confidence in all my vendors that I have with you.

Retail Brand Group

"You're the best. You guys are making my life so much easier by taking care of everything. Thanks again. I'm Meyers' biggest fan."

Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
In Store Presentation
Customer Experience Division

"Thank you for all your help. Great job! They looked awesome! Thanks!"

Target Corporation

"All I can say is WOW, the print looks great and everything assembles really nice! I just wanted to say thanks, everything looks great!"

Retail Brand Group

Thanks so much for your help. You are definitely my top choice for supplier, I am sure we will continue working on many projects to come.

Marketing Manager/Gamesa are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are all over this before I even have a chance to read e-mail. Thanks for making my job easier.

E. R.
Frito-Lay, Inc.

Kudos to you & your team for the quick revisions, pricing & response this afternoon ? I'm sorry our first project has been such a crazy ride, but you guys are making one hell of a good first impression!

BBDO, Atlanta

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