IRCs On-Pack Coupons

IRCs On-Pack Coupons

Meyers produces millions of IRCs (Instant Redeemable Coupons)  and other On-Pack and Off-Pack Coupons per year for some of America’s top brands. We are a leader in IRC coupon label printing and other types of custom coupons.

Benefits of IRCs
  • Dry release coupons ensure consumers can easily remove the coupons from product for redemption.
  • Attract consumer attention.
  • Help you fulfill retailer commitments.
  • You can leverage valuable IRC coupon offers to promote additional perimeter aisle products.
  • Coupon programs help drive sales and Meyers can help make the process seamless and easy!
Support Your Retailers!
IRCs are a great way to offer support to your retailers by moving “any brand” or store-branded perimeter aisle goods like milk, bread & produce – along with your products. This doesn’t have to be a complex process – ask us how!

Meyers Can Help You Manage Your Coupon Programs

Meyers developed the Meyer’s Coupon Program Manager (CPM) platform to help one of the largest CPG brands in the country manage their coupons. The CPM will help you manage all of the coupons your brand offers, even if they are internet-only or other forms of digital couponing. Please contact us below to set up a demo