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Food Packaging
Compelling custom food packaging is more than how you contain and deliver your products. Your food packaging can capture customer attention and increase your market share when you work with the right printing and packaging partner.

Meyers has been a leading label and packaging supplier for the food and beverage industry for decades. We are design-loving brand enthusiasts who are dedicated to providing exceptional beverage and food packaging custom design that promote retail action for your products.
Meyers can provide everything you need—from innovative and sustainable food packaging to retail signage and display solutions.
Custom Food Packaging


Our experienced and talented team designs premium yet cost-effective solutions to bring your packaging visions to life.

Food & Beverage Labels

Food & Beverage Labels

We study your brand’s merchandising strategy carefully to create unique food and custom beverage labels through our precise die cutting technique.

Retail Displays for Food & Beverage

Retail Displays

We collaborate with you to produce eye-catching and engaging retail displays that you can install in your retail locations.

Make your brand stand out on retail shelves with eye-catching custom food packaging.

Customers aren’t shopping the way they used to. The trend toward ecommerce is making retail shelves a more competitive marketplace for your products.


As a brand owner, working with a packaging manufacturer that understands how current trends influence various sectors related to your business is crucial. Meyers can give you a competitive edge through food packaging designs that appeal to your target audience and their evolving behaviors.

In-Pack Coupons, Direct Food Contact, Freezer Safe

Trident Seafoods® selected Meyers to print over-wrapped in-pack direct food contact coupons to drive repeat sales and reinforce customer loyalty for its frozen Wild Caught Alaskan Fish.

Meyers delivered with freezer-durable, visually appealing labels, safe for direct food contact. Meyers is now proud to be a preferred food packaging partner for Trident.

In-Pack Coupons, Trident Seafoods


Direct Food Contact

As an AIB* certified business, you can trust Meyers to print food packaging solutions that are safe for direct food contact. We run specialized safety procedures and rigorous audits to further protect your consumers and brand. *American Institute of Baking

Award-Winning Experience

Meyers brings our industry-recognized expertise to your products’ packaging. We have won numerous awards for our work in the packaging for the food industry, including the Hormel Spirit of Excellence award, which we’ve received over a dozen times.

Your Brand Champions

We match your commitment to your brand. Our team creates printed, custom IT solutions and add-on services to protect and enhance your products.


We offer several merchandising solutions, such as folding carton packaging, corrugated (cardboard) packaging, and creative custom beverage labels to market-leading and startup  food & beverage brands.


Meyers has been helping brands stand out, attract new customers, and drive more sales since 1949. Learn more about Meyers and our experience.

Instant redeemable coupons (IRCs), promotions, and game offering coupons are the most favored types of coupons we apply for our clients’ packages. Learn more about our on-pack and off-pack coupons here.

Meyers is proud to offer eco-friendly food packaging options, such as folding cartons and corrugated packaging, labels, retail displays, and more made with sustainable materials.


We also source paper products responsibly with accreditation from the Forest Stewardship Council and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives

Since 1949, Meyers has been providing point of purchase (POP) solutions for businesses in the food & beverage industry, including several leading soft drink, beer, spirits, coffee, and snack brands. We keep up with industry trends through our commitment to innovation, creative problem-solving, and exceptional design.

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