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We might be graphic designers, brand nerds and manufacturing engineers. But, we’re also bicycling, fishing, skiing, paddling, jogging, boarding, scuba diving, and climbing enthusiasts. We understand your most avid customers because we are them. We also happen to design and manufacture some of the best Point of Purchase (POP) displays, labels, and product packaging in the country. Need even more? We also create sustainable, paper-based gift cards, custom print portals, fulfillment solutions and retail signage. With Meyers, you’ll get partners who truly understand your brand and love helping you create the packaging and merchandising solutions that best resonate with your customers.

Your single source

Meyers designs and produces a wide range of printed materials and POP displays, including folding carton packaging, labels, temporary displays, paper gift cards and more. We deliver greater brand consistency and superior color match by making all these items at a single, centralized facility.

Creative Designs

The in-house design team at Meyers creates innovative POP displays for the world’s leading brand and retailers, which have landed us dozens of awards. We’d be glad to help you crush your goals at retail and awards for both of us while we’re at it.

Long-Term Partners

We’re proud of our track record working with some of the largest brands and retailers across the US for decades. We’ll work hard to understand your needs and deliver the best possible product.

Sample Work

Fleet Farm Perm Display

Design, Interactive Display, Permanent Display

Case Study
Fleet Farm


Fleet Farm needed an interactive display for consumers to touch and experience fish finders while still protecting the merchandise. This display needed to securely attach to a variety of existing fixtures and easily relocate to different store locations.


Meyers created a modular, co-branded, interactive countertop display for 37 stores nationwide. This display was custom engineered to withstand high consumer traffic while still maintaining functionality and esthetics. In addition, display components could be changed to reflect product advancements.


The display was so successful that Fleet Farm launched the same display configuration for underwater cameras.


Saucony Reflex Display

Design, Countertop Display

Case Study
Saucony – Reflex Series

To help launch its Reflex Series of running shoes, Saucony needed a cost effective, eye catching countertop display. Meyers designed an innovative yet inexpensive structure that featured die cuts, lights and the EdgeGlo acrylic shelf to capture the new shoe’s brand essence, reflectivity. For added flair, the acrylic shelf featured a laser image of the Saucony logo.


For sure, we’re always glad to show off our work. Here’s a video showing a permanent display install with West Marine in Florida. Or contact our sales team to see more examples.

Absolutely, the materials experts at Meyers will help you design a label construction that’ll hold up to nearly any condition. We’ve made labels that handle everything from extreme heat to dry ice to boat anchors. Wind, rain, snow, salt water, no problem! 

Absolutely. We’ve been invested in creating sustainable printed products for decades. We offer a huge selection of sustainable materials for packaging, labels, gift cards, signage and displays. Contact our sales team to learn more about how we can help you create more sustainable printed products. You can also learn more about our sustainability commitments here.

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