What are the environmental benefits of shifting toward a paper RFID Card vs. plastic?

  • From an independent environmental impact comparison analysis, it has been concluded that our paper RFID cards use (vs. plastic):
    • 35% less energy
      68% less green house gases
    • 87% less water
  • Our paper-based RFID hotel key cards will not last centuries in the landfills.


How long will the paper RFID Key Cards last?

  • Reports from our hotel customers indicate the cards last anywhere from equal to the typical life of a plastic card to 20% less than that of a plastic card. Functionally the performance is equivalent to plastic, and the wear is virtually all cosmetic.


How do the paper RFID Key Cards perform when exposed to water?

  • After submergence in water for up to 24 hours, the cards still perform within locking systems specifications. After several hours in the water, the paper substrate shows signs of exposure, but the inlays work as intended.


What are the costs of the paper RFID Key Cards?

  • Our market intelligence gathering concludes that our pricing is in the ‘sweet spot’ of the plastic card RFID pricing. In many cases, our paper pricing is lower than what customers are currently paying for plastic.
  • The environmental and brand benefit of shifting to paper is SIGNIFICANT!


What is a typical lead-time for the paper RFID Key Cards?

  • For new art, normal lead-times are approximately 3 weeks.
  • Depending on the arrangement, re-orders may be in stock and shipped same day.


What are examples of the methods current customers are using to transition to paper RFID Key Cards?

  • Some ask the guest if they prefer “paper or plastic” at the time of check-in, allowing the customer to decide.
  • Some are putting one paper and one plastic in each envelope. With this method, the property realizes half of the benefits to start, while mitigating some perceived risk.
  • All current customers plan to make a full transition to paper after a brief evaluation period.
  • Due to Covid-19 concerns, some properties are moving toward a single use card model.


What is Meyers’ historical experience in working with paper RFID Cards?

  • Meyers has been manufacturing paper-based cards and RFID products for decades for some of the largest companies in the world.
  • Our technical experience and exemplary customer service are differentiators in this space.