Fleet Farm?

Fleet Farm? came to Meyers in search of an interactive display that would allow consumers to touch, feel and experience fishfinders at retail while still protecting the in-store merchandise. This display needed to securely attach to a variety of existing fixtures within Fleet Farm stores and easily relocate to different store locations as the retail environment changed for various promotions.

?Meyers created a modular, co-branded, countertop display for 37 Fleet Farm stores nationwide that allowed consumers to safely interact with fishfinder products at retail. This display was custom engineered to withstand a high amount of consumer traffic while still maintaining functionality and esthetics. In addition, display components could be changed to reflect product advancements.

Meyers? custom-designed display was so successful in-store that six months later, Fleet Farm launched the same display configuration to feature underwater cameras.

Ulta? Paris Presents

This holiday endcap developed by Meyers for UIta? Paris Presents highlighted Ulta?s EcoTools? and Real Techniques? brands during peak gift-giving season. An instruction sheet for setting up the display was provided to retailers, who could easily refill the displays as needed. Cost-effective and convenient, the display boosted in-store sales of these products by 30 percent.

Disney Castle

Disney is a strong brand that deserves a dynamic presence. That?s just what Meyers created to draw attention to the Disney Jumping Beans? kids clothing line in 1,146 Kohl?s? stores around the country. Router-cut from blue, red, orange OnColor? Edgeglo? Bright Edge Transparence Colors and frosted acrylic, the displays appeared to leap from the aisles, attracting customers to this fun, ?easy to pair and easy to wear? clothing line.


To help launch its Reflex Series of running shoes, Saucony? needed a cost-effective, eye-catching countertop display. Meyers designed an innovative yet inexpensive structure that featured die cuts, lights, and an EdgeGlo? acrylic shelf to capture the new shoe?s brand essence: reflectivity.? For added flair, the acrylic shelf featured a laser image of the Saucony logo.

Dynamically optimize technically sound solutions with leading-edge potentialities. Monotonectally matrix accurate bandwidth with ethical communities.


Saucony? wanted a display that would make consumers stop in their tracks at 350 Dick?s Sporting Goods? stores nationwide. In addition, the displays needed to fit on an existing permanent fixture and be cost effective. Meyers accepted the challenge, and created a display to complement Saucony?s ?WHOA? ad campaign for the launch of its ISO Series? running shoes. The 3D display used free-standing corrugate for the centerpiece; large WHOA cutouts; paperboard boxes; and the stores? mannequins to step up retail sales for Saucony?s new line.


Our talented and experienced design team brings imagination to life with custom 3D displays that are easy to assemble and cost effective. We work with a broad range of materials from corrugate to wood, metal, acrylic, glass and more. Our engaging displays can feature lights, motion, sound, and extra-special finishing touches such as glitter and mixed materials. To speed up production and delivery, all of our prototyping is done in house. In addition to custom work, Meyers also offers pre-engineered displays, a modular and cost-effective option for point-of-sale.

Large-format graphics

Sometimes, size really does matter. For example, our large-format KBA Rapida 205 six-color press with coater and UV capabilities is the largest in the world, and was designed and engineered specifically for the in-store signage and display segments of retail marketing. It cost-effectively prints high-quality sheets of up to 81" x 59". And for quality, high-speed digital printing, our INCA X3 wide-format UV flatbed printer with more than 200,000 inkjets can accommodate materials up to 126" x 63". Why does this matter? Because being able to print bigger brings your brand to life at retail on large, complex projects, including displays that require wrap-around imagery.


Used at Toys ?R? Us? in-store events at 25 different locations, the Lego? standee was part of a Travelling Fun Kit. It was easy to assemble and take down so that merchandisers could set it up quickly, and was one of several items packed into a custom-manufactured carrying case that resembled a suitcase. The other items in the case, when assembled, created a ?construction site? in which children could build with Lego sets.

In addition, the clipboard on each display held a custom frame containing 8.5 x 11? flyers. The flyers were custom printed at each store and included specific details of the event to be held at each location.

The Children?s Place

The Baby Bundles project for The Children?s Place was a new test program to promote the retailer?s line of baby clothing. The program rolled out to more than 100 stores (including the Mall of America) in two waves, with ship dates driven by The Children?s Place corporate office, and second-wave materials stored in Meyers? fulfillment facility.

The size of the Baby Bundles signs ranged from 10? x 2? (for shelf signage) to 56.5? x 72? (for the large-format window poster). In order to ensure exact color matching across all signage, Meyers printed all of the elements on the same large-format press. In addition, each location received varying quantities of signage depending on store layout, resulting in 29 different kit versions, all executed flawlessly and on time.


At major national retail outlets such as Verizon? and BestBuy?, you can?t skimp on the quality and impact of your retail marketing promotions. And yet you don?t want to break the bank, either. That?s why Samsung? has chosen Meyers year after year to create its in-store displays. In fact, Meyers introduced Samsung to an easier, more cost-effective way of printing back-lit displays (using 20 mil translucent styrene instead of 40 mil PETG), saving Samsung on production costs, and making the displays lighter weight and less expensive to ship. With high-quality, large format printing capabilities, and on-time production, Meyers has proven to be the perfect partner for high-impact graphics.


When a retail chain as prominent as Toys ?R? Us? features a product as beloved as Barbie?, the results should be sensational. And with help from Meyers, they were. Using foam blocks to add dimension, simulated sparkle, real fabric ribbons, and a larger-than-life image of Barbie herself, the Meyers team attracted children of all ages to the in-store display. The display was designed to fit a variety of different store configurations from 18 to 24 feet wide,?with supplemental instructions provided for stores to modify the display based on their available space.

Ulta? Beauty Hand Soap

The holidays are special, and Ulta? Beauty created glittery holiday hand soap especially for the season. Using holographic foil and glitter in its packaging, Meyers, in turn, helped attract consumer attention to this novel product. For this application, Meyers selected a film that could pass the necessary product and water resistance tests. In addition, Meyers? printing process shortened the usual lead time, allowing Ulta to fulfill the small order requirements for this specialty product in time for a holiday crunch.

Thymes? Bubble Bath

As a translucent product, Thymes? Bubble Bath offers a rare opportunity for two-sided labels, which provide more space for branding and allow customers to see the botanically inspired art from both sides. To bring this concept to reality, Meyers chose a custom, pressure-sensitive label stock that did not compromise adhesive performance. Using this approach, Meyers was able to give Thymes a paper product with a natural, uncoated look that aligns with the company?s focus on products that are skin-compatible, environmentally friendly, effective, and a pleasure to use.

Thymes? Candle

Having used real wood labels in the past, Thymes? was searching for an equally appealing yet more cost-effective labeling solution for its Frasier Fur Northwoods candle. Meyers offered an affordable solution, creating a wrap from natural cherry wood decorated with pine needles.? When lit, illumination from the candle shines through the wood veneer wrapping. Working with wood was challenging, due to natural voids in the material; Meyers addressed these with splicing, and used primers to help with adhesion. To further support the mission-driven marketing of Thymes, Meyers also created an enclosed card to raise awareness among consumers about the need to replenish natural resources, and Thymes? commitment to plant one tree for every candle sold.


Since 1980, Hormel? has trusted Meyers to deliver high-quality, eye-catching packaging that stands up to cold temperatures. A classic example can be found on Hormel? Black Label Bacon?, which requires freezer durability. Distributed internationally, Hormel products have a reputation for quality, and they hold their packaging to the same high standards.


Ottawa-based JuiceheadTM is the maker of a premium line of raw,?certified-organic,?cold-pressed?juice. They needed an optically clear label that would allow the colorful product inside to be seen. The label also needed to withstand the high-pressure pasteurization process. Meyers created seven variations with distinctive designs, resulting in a product with eye-popping appeal. In addition, to reduce Juicehead?s initial investment in labeling, Meyers produced the labels digitally to eliminate plate charges, and die-cutting was done in-line to avoid off-line processing charges.

prime labels

Your brand is your promise, which is why it is so important that your product labels be both eye-catching and flawlessly executed. Since 1962, Meyers has met some of the most challenging brand requirements in the business to help clients effectively communicate who they are. Our unique label manufacturing capabilities, proven reliability, package engineering, flexibility, and relentless commitment to efficiency make us a true branding collaborator. When required, we can create durable labels that stand up to extreme temperatures, shipping, storage or extensive user handling. We also offer label application services that can be implemented in our clients' plants with little to no disruption to normal manufacturing routines. This allows us to seamlessly integrate into our customers' systems without costly upgrades or downtime.


Brands come to life through on-pack, in-pack and shelf promotional programs. We are experts at designing and manufacturing visually appealing coupons, games and paper premiums. Our large production scale, world-class security measures, award-winning design, and in-house engineering enable us to keep costs low, maintain rapid speed to market, and create promotions that improve brand recognition and outperform the competition in the marketplace. Further, with over 10 years of experience generating, authenticating and tracking proprietary codes, Meyers protects our clients' collateral with the best-in-class code integrity network and database management. Our proven code generation and track-and-trace systems provide consistent and secure code management and tracking for your peace of mind.

Lay?s? Classic Potato Chip

As a certified supplier to Frito-Lay?, Meyers knows that anything that makes contact with a Frito-Lay product must be tested and pre-approved by Frito-Lay R&D for compliance with odor residuals, and FDA certified for Indirect Food Contact. For more than 20 years, every Meyers on-pack press run for Frito-Lay has achieved 100% acceptability, including the recent On-Pack Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRCs) produced for Lay?s Classic Potato Chip bags. Meyers also has an exceptional track record for on-time delivery, which is critical for time-sensitive promotional deadlines. Additionally, Meyers? coupon security is an important capability to Frito-Lay, which has selected Meyers as the sole coupon supplier for in-packs, on-packs, near-packs, and high-value security coupons.

Ritz? Crackers

Most consumers make their purchasing decisions at the store level, often referred to as the final moment of truth. On-Pack Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRCs) have the highest redemption rate, as they catch the consumer?s eye, encourage the impulse buy, reward loyal customers, and promote brand trial. Yet, not all consumer packaged goods (CPGs) have the space to apply a coupon without covering necessary label information. For Ritz Crackers and other clients, Meyers creates folded, on-pack coupons that address this issue. Meyers? on-pack coupon constructions have enough real estate for a coupon?s legal and barcode requirements, and can fold to a specified size to fit on the package. For Ritz, Meyers delivered the competitively priced IRCs in a very short lead time, and with coupon security. Creative visuals and high-quality printing are the finishing touch that attracts consumers? attention to this special promotion.

Doritos? Loaded NFL? Secure Pouch

Doritos? has long been an industry innovator of on-pack games that create brand excitement.? To launch its new branded snacks for the freezer aisle, Doritos? Loaded, the company contracted Meyers to create a secure pouch for its on-pack game featuring unique code interactions targeting their key customer base. The visually appealing pouch attracted consumers? attention, encouraged the impulse buy and product trial, and rewarded loyal customers. Bound on all four sides of the label, it also offered a level of security while encouraging consumers to buy the product in order to cut the game piece off of the package. In addition, since Doritos Loaded has three different SKUs, the Snapchat feature of the game was used to collect data for Frito-Lay? on the ?best received? SKU. Meyers? expertise in adhesives that are freezer-durable and safe for food contact was critical to the success of this high-profile marketing campaign.

Cracker Jack? Brand

For more than 120 years, Cracker Jack? has been known for its ?prize inside.? For years, Meyers has held the contract for Cracker Jack?s in-pack prizes, bringing creative new ideas to this beloved tradition. Recently, Meyers created and developed the Cracker Jack app for Smart Phones. The Augmented Reality app, Blippar?, provides a new twist on the famous in-pack prize offering consumers a unique baseball-themed experience with selfies, games, baseball cards and more.

Approved for FDA Direct Food Contact Printing, with expertise in automatic insertion, and complete project management capabilities, Meyers has proven to be the perfect partner to elevate and expand Cracker Jack?s popularity.

Dr Pepper? NFL? Cup

To capitalize on its NFL? sponsorship, Dr Pepper relied on Meyers to give visibility to the Dr Pepper brand, and to make it stick!? With a game piece mounted on fountain drink cups, Dr Pepper built brand awareness, promoted its NFL sponsorship, and increased product sales. Dr Pepper?s confidence in Meyers to create the sticky game pieces came from knowing that Meyers tests adhesives through a vigorous and comprehensive procedure on various cup types (plastic, Styrofoam? and poly-coated paper cups), and shares results with cup suppliers. Meyers also provides cup suppliers with sample labels for application and compatibility testing. Dr Pepper chose Meyers not only for their application expertise, but also for Meyers? project management consultation, games expertise and security, database capabilities, quality print/production, and on-time delivery for critical promotion dates.

Trident? Seafoods

To drive repeat sales and reinforce customer loyalty for its frozen Wild Caught Alaskan Fish, Trident? Seafoods chose Meyers to print an overwrapped, in-pack direct food coupon. The product is then shipped to a packing plant and inserted for knife-cutting operation on an EPI? labeler. With the ability to make freezer-durable, visually appealing, labels safe for direct food contact, Meyers has become a preferred packaging partner for Trident.


For Subway?, multi-packs are seen as an extension of their traditional single card gift cards?a way to offer a gifting option that can be shared with multiple people. This particular pack is an enclosed multi-pack, which is different from traditional multi-packs, which have a clear PET barrier allowing the consumer to see the actual cards.?This format, which holds three cards, provides a significant cost savings for Subway as well as increased real estate for marketing purposes.


Microsoft? trusted Meyers for packaging of its EuroCards (multi-packs) because Meyers understands Microsoft?s data requirements and the third-party integrator markets where the cards are sold. For the EuroCard, Meyers developed a package that guaranteed all of the cards in the pack would be activated with a single activation step by the clerk upon purchase. In addition, since each integrator has their own requirements for data, an increased level of data management was required to meet each of their needs.

Dollar Shave Club?

To protect its high-value gift cards, Dollar Shave? turned to Meyers to design secure packaging that would mitigate fraud by keeping pin codes out of sight. Not only were the cards well protected, but also the unique design that included foil accents attracted attention on retail shelves.

Cards & Card Packaging

Our expertise in data management and handling live, high-value codes launched us into the card business more than a decade ago. Meyers now provides design, pre-press, data management, print production, encoding, personalized packaging, fulfillment, and distribution of cards and card packaging tailored to meet your most stringent requirements. Our industry-leading technology delivers the highest level of performance for ink jet or screen printing, magstripe encoding, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communications (NFC). Meyers' folded cards, card carriers and patented RevealĀ® and Lock ItĀ® cards provide more space for content while also preventing code theft and fraud.


Every year, Meyers produces millions of functional parts for medical and electronic devices. Through our unique design process, we are able to make components that are thinner, stronger, less expensive, and more conducive to our customers' processes than other manufacturers. Our converting capabilities include die cutting, finishing, laminating, slitting, RFID converting and more. We're well versed in Six Sigma, cGMPs and ISO procedures and produce our converting solutions with world-class manufacturing technologies. In addition, our in-depth knowledge of converting materials and processes ensures the end product meets or exceeds your highest expectations.

Precision Die Cut Parts

Using our Delta ModTech press, Meyers has become a preferred manufacturer of precision die-cut parts?including battery separators, gaskets, and test strips?for some of the world?s top brands.

Medical Device Manufacturer

For years, Meyers has been the manufacturer of battery separators for pacemakers. The separators are an internal and integral component of the battery construction used to power pacemakers. Meyers? production processes meet the application?s rigorous technical requirements including tight tolerance die cutting, clean manufacturing processes, securing the parts to a liner without the use of adhesives, and 100% vision inspection.


Delta ModTech 13? Crusader

For precision die cutting and converting, Meyers? Delta ModTech 13? press is engineered for your toughest challenge. It meets the tightest tolerances in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as ongoing challenges from other vertical industries.?The products produced on our Delta press are generally component parts and technical in nature, typically meeting a functional need that supports a customer?s process or product. Examples include precision die-cut battery separators, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and security labels.

Dynamically optimize technically sound solutions with leading-edge potentialities. Monotonectally matrix accurate bandwidth with ethical communities.

Security Labels

Security labels are typically laminated with functional layers of material that can be tamper evident, or provide visual authentication indicators.?Tamper-evident labels are used on electronic devices to deter and detect tampering.?Authentication labels are used to prevent counterfeiting as well as providing consumers with confidence in the authenticity of the products they are buying.?Meyers converts these specialty materials, creating custom labels for specific applications.?Our converting processes include printing, laminating and precision die cutting.

RFID Labels and Tags

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) allows the user to encode information on the tag, using the tags for track and trace products throughout the manufacturing process and sales cycle.? Meyers converts RFID inlays, creating labels and tags for a variety of applications from tracking components throughout the manufacturing process, to enable point-of-sale technologies.?Our converting processes include printing, laminating, and precision die cutting.