Paper RFID Hotel Key Cards

We know environmental responsibility is a priority for your hotel or resort. From straws to toiletries to single-use water bottles, the hospitality industry is making it a priority to phase plastic out of everyday use. Yet, there’s one piece of plastic that remains ubiquitous at nearly every hotel: They Key Card. Paper RFID Hotel Key Cards are now available from Meyers.

There is a more responsible option.

Paper key cards from Meyers offer all the benefits of plastic cards without the environmental concerns. Meyers has produced more than 100 million paper cards for large international clients and can produce mag-stripe or RFID cards that are perfectly suited for use at hotels and resorts.

Learn more by downloading our 1 page overview of our Hotel Key Cards here.

Benefits of Paper RFID Cards

Our Responsible Cards do more than just benefit the environment, they set your hotel or resort above the competition. The hospitality industry has been slow to adopt paper RFID cards, creating an opportunity for first movers to stand out. Our plant-based cards look and feel premium, plus they work with your existing hardware.


Cost Effective

Better Branding

Problems with Plastic Key Cards

The typical hotel key card is used just four or five times before it is lost or discarded, contributing to the growing problem of plastic waste.

Plastic key cards produced each year for
the average 200-room hotel.

1,300 tons
Weight of non-biodegradable plastic waste attributed to those hotel key cards across the US, nearly six times the weight of the Statue of Liberty.

5 trillion
Pieces of plastic floating in the world’s oceans.