Custom Label Manufacturing

We understand that labels are so much more than sticky paper. They’re a key element of your brand, how consumers connect with and understand your product, and even how you provide critical safety or regulatory info. This deep respect for the humble art of label creation is part of why the world’s leading brands trust Meyers to manufacture millions of labels for them each year. And, we’ve been doing it for the past 60 years, making us one of the most experienced label manufacturers around today. Whether you need premium and unique custom product labels, ultra-reliable pressure sensitive labels made for extreme conditions, or millions of secure coupons, Meyers has you covered.

Quick Lead Times

5 -8 days for most label orders, including custom product labels.

Unrivaled Experience

We produce millions of custom product labels every year for the world's leading brands including Hormel, Aveda and Ulta Beauty.

Extraordinary Customer Service

We're here for you, we build strong relationships and long-term partnerships.

Sample Work

Ulta Beauty Hand Soap Labels

Prime Label, Holiday Special, Foils & Glitter

Case Study
Ulta – Holiday Hand Soap


The holidays are special and Ulta Beauty created glittery holiday hand soap especially for the season. Meyers helped attract consumer attention to this novel product by using holographic foil and glitter in the packaging design.


This unique product also required Meyers to find and use films that could pass the necessary product and water resistance tests. In addition, Meyers’ printing process shortened the usual lead time, allowing Ulta to fulfill the small order requirements for this specialty product in time for a holiday crunch.


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Thymes Candle Labels

Prime Labels, Custom Substrates

Case Study
Thymes – Candle Labels


Meyers is far more than your average label manufacturer. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of our presses with new manufacturing processes and unique materials. So, when Thymes approached us with the opportunity to create a label like no other, we we gladly agreed to take on the project.


These labels are made with real, natural cherry wood, an almost unbelievable feat requiring strict humidity control and highly skilled press operators. The resulting product is a glass luminary lantern creating a wonderful ambiance as the flickering candle light shines through the wood veneer.

Hormel Bacon Labels

Prime Label, Freezer Safe, Food Safe

Case Study
Hormel – Black Label Bacon Labels


Since 1980, Hormel has trusted Meyers to deliver high-quality, eye-catching packaging and custom product labels. A classic example can be found on Hormel Black Label Bacon. These pressure sensitive labels include both matte and gloss finishes, tactile elements, and freezer durability.


Hormel’s internationally distributed products have a reputation for quality, and they hold their packaging to the same high standards. Meyers has fully lived up to those expectations and been awarded Hormel’s Spirit of Excellence award dozens of times.

Juicehead Labels

Prime Label, Variable Data Print

Case Study
Juicehead – Premium Cold Pressed Juice Labels


Ottawa based Juicehead is the maker of a premium line of
raw, certified organic, cold pressed juice. They needed an
optically clear label that would allow the color product
inside to be seen The label also needed to withstand the
high pressure pasteurization process.


Meyers created seven variations with distinctive designs,
resulting in a product with eye popping appeal. In addition,
to reduce Juicehead’s initial investment in labeling,
Meyers produced the labels digitally to eliminate plate
charges and die cutting was done in line to avoid off line
processing charges.


Meyers creates a massive variety of custom labels according to our customers’ specifications. We have few limitations on size, essentially no limitations on shape and can work with hundreds of different label materials and substrates to fit your need. This allows us to create labels for a wide variety of applications for many industries, including food, beverage, health, beauty, cosmetics, and sporting goods. The labels we produce range from prime labels for CPG products to secure coupons, special life science applications, and everything in between.

Meyers offers traditional flexographic, digital, and digital/flexo hybrid label manufacturing. This allows us to create the full range of custom labels, which could include variations across many SKUs, intricate finishing, unique serialization, secure coupons, and more.

Pressure sensitive labels (PS Labels) are self-adhering, meaning they require no additional adhesive during the application process. This allows for rapid application during brands’ high-speed manufacturing or packaging processes. PS Labels also allow for easy, one-step hand application in processes that are not automated.

Meyers is far more than a contract manufacturer; we’re partners who care deeply about your brand and have the technical expertise to deliver the highest-quality labels. Meyers often provides Research & Development services to our clients, especially in the Life Sciences industry, to ensure you’re getting all that can be offered from a label. We’re experienced with a wide variety of label applicators and even visit clients’ manufacturing facilities to assist with setup or label specification changes to ensure your manufacturing and packaging processes run quickly and smoothly. With Meyers, you’ll have a dedicated Account Manager who knows your labels and the products they go on, so you’ll always be able to count on us to deliver exactly what you need.

A lot goes into creating the perfect label, from the artwork to the materials to size specifications. Meyers can help with materials selection, application testing and creation of some specifications. Clients looking for the quickest turn times will want all that information available in advance, including details of how labels will be applied – either by hand or by which specific label applicator – and what the labels will be applied to, including the specific materials and any coatings over those materials.

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