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Custom product labels, sometimes referred to as prime labels, are much more than sticky paper with a logo and a product name. These pressure-sensitive labels (PS labels) help consumers notice your products on the shelf and communicate your brand values. If your brand is new, your product label at retail is your chance to make that critical first impression and connect with your target customer.

When you come to Meyers for pressure-sensitive label printing, you’ll find we offer exceptional customizability and versatility. Is your product packaging a unique shape? Do your labels need to perform under extreme temperature or humidity conditions? Have you not been able to find the perfect material that looks and feels right on your product? Chances are, we have solved these problems for many other clients, and we’re confident we can find the ideal solution for your product label application.

Meyers has been producing product labels for over half a century, and we consider it an art and a science. Our product labels maintain excellent color consistency because we utilize G7 specifications for color management. Along with our precision die cutting, delivered at production volumes, your labels are sure to please even the most demanding brand managers. These quality controls are why many of the world’s leading brands trust Meyers to manufacture millions of prime labels for their products year after year.


With over six decades of experience printing labels, Meyers is one of the most established label manufacturers in the world and a trusted partner to dozens of leading brands.

We provide top-quality prime labels for all product types in various industries, including food and beverage, beauty, technology, and more.
Whether you need a premium custom product label, ultra-reliable PS labels for extreme conditions, or millions of secure coupons, Meyers has you covered.

Our clients

PS labels for specific markets

cosmetics packaging

cosmetic labels

Allow Meyers to create prime labels and extended content labels that pair beautifully with your cosmetic packaging.

candle jar packaging ideas

Candle labels

We manufacture custom product labels specifically fabricated for candle packaging. Elevate your image with our unique labels.

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food & beverage labels

Meyers is a provider of PS labels to many of the biggest names in the food & beverage industry. Get professional labeling services to give you a competitive advantage.

deliver value through...

quick lead times

Our goal is to provide you with the product you want, so we offer 5–8 day lead times for label orders, including most custom product labels. That's greater flexibility and peace of mind.

deep experience

We produce millions of custom product labels every year for the world's leading brands. Our experience in various fields puts us in a position where we can provide you with the best for your business.


Our driving force is our commitment to sustainable product labels that will amp up your branding and help you become part of a bigger, better, and greener economy.