Responsible Policies

Meyers believes deeply that sustainability is central to corporate responsibility. We pledge our total commitment to optimize the sustainability of our operations across materials sourcing, recycling, waste reduction and energy usage.


Meyers is committed to environmental compliance and stewardship with strong support from our employees, leadership and owners. This allows us to turn a policy into real action, with our team creating unique, sustainable printed solutions for the world’s leading brands.

Carbon-Free Electricity by the end of 2021

What we’re doing:

As part of our dedication to sustainability, Meyers has committed to purchasing all of our electricity from carbon-free energy sources. We will fulfill this commitment before the end of 2021. Our switch to using carbon-free electricity will be the equivalent of over 650 average American homes getting their electricity solely from solar & wind power.

Why we’re doing it:

There is a broad scientific consensus that climate change – and global warming in particular – is an urgent issue that we must all help address. Carbon emissions are one of the major contributors to climate change and global warming. There is also a broad consensus among experts that failing to address these issues in a timely manner will come with a significant cost in terms of loss of life, reduced quality of living, and economic costs. Meyers is proud to serve customers and partners that are similarly committed to safeguarding our collective future by heeding the scientific community’s warnings and calls to action. Our dedication to sustainability requires that we respond as quickly as possible. Using carbon-free energy helps address these issues immediately, far quicker than we could with carbon-offsets. By committing to only use carbon-free energy sources for our electricity, we’re dramatically reducing our carbon emissions—safeguarding a brighter, more sustainable future for all of us.

How we’ll get there:

Meyers has installed a solar array on the roof of our headquarters to produce a portion of our carbon-free energy. The remaining carbon-free electricity will be purchased through Xcel Energy’s Renewable*Connect® program, which provides electricity from wind and solar sources. This path allows us to fulfill our commitment to sustainability quickly and cost-effectively, without costing our clients a single penny to reduce the carbon footprint of their supply chains. 


Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Our certification by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) gives our clients the assurance that our paper products were sustainably and responsibly sourced. 

Sustainability Forest Stewardship Council

Meyers proudly adheres to the Forest Stewardship Council’s standards to ensure that we’re providing our clients with printed materials that are both eco-friendly and responsible.

Earth-Friendly Solutions

The Meyers Assure Card:

Modern travelers value sustainability more now than ever before. Hospitality leaders are responding to those preferences by quickly moving away from items that create plastic waste and towards more earth-friendly options.

The AssureCard™ is a better RFID hotel key card, offering all of the plastic key card’s best features — durability, convenience, and low cost — while providing a sustainable, plant-based alternative to traditional PVC plastic hotel key cards. That’s why many of the world’s top hotel and resort brands are switching to The AssureCard™.

Prime Labels:

Meyers offers a number of label solutions to support our clients’ sustainability initiatives, from prime labels made with responsibly-sourced paper to recycling-friendly labels. 

Signage and Displays:

Consumers are demanding that brands and retailers do more for sustainability every day. Meyers helps leading brands and retailers live up to those expectations with sustainable signage and displays that maximize the use of renewable plant-based products instead of plastics and traditional foamboard.