As retail marketing experts with a wealth of experience, Meyers' in-house creative team collaborates with clients to turn their visions into reality. Whether starting from square one or with a fully developed concept, our imagination, resourcefulness, and collaborative approach lead to superior designs that stand out in the market.

With your input, we are inspired to conceptualize, design and engineer two- and three-dimensional pieces that withstand the harshest settings, while still remaining cost effective. In addition, Meyers' life-like prototypes help our clients explore their design options quickly and efficiently. We remove any guess work and help clients go to market knowing exactly how their product will look, feel and perform.

Creative Services
Production Art & Concepts
Structural Engineering & Design
Product Development


Whether for a one-time marketing campaign, or for ongoing brand maintenance, Meyers has the experience and tools to bring your vision to reality. To this end, we've made major investments in state-of-the-art equipment. This includes some of the world's largest and most versatile presses that can print on virtually any substrate imaginable. From digital, offset or flexographic printing to pre-engineered and custom 3D displays, we have the most advanced manufacturing technology in the industry.

Our converting capabilities include die cutting, finishing, laminating, slitting and more. In addition, Meyers' Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communications (NFC) that perform under the most demanding application requirements.

Large-Format Graphics
Prime Labels
Cards & Card Packaging



Brand excellence is our mission. We help clients manage their brands to ensure consistency, transparency, and accuracy with their overall retail marketing activities. We do this through SystemConnectTM, a simple and secure data platform that includes custom workflows and can integrate third parties, which is especially important when ordering is decentralized. SystemConnect also is used to seamlessly manage clients' digital assets and product inventory.

And where the rubber meets the road—in stores—we offer store profiling, which includes everything from determining which and how many specific marketing materials are delivered to each store location, to visiting stores to check displays and restock merchandise.

We are experts at the complex process of serialization, assigning unique, traceable numbers to individual saleable units. This cornerstone of regulation in the pharmaceutical industry is rapidly being adopted by other industries, such as food and computer parts manufacturing, to ensure traceability.

Custom Workflows
Inventory Management
Print On Demand
Store Profiling
Coupon Program Management


For printing small quantities, Meyers' high-quality digital and litho print-on-demand services offer an economical solution. For displays, our in-house engineers and fabricators have unrivaled expertise in gluing, shaping, screwing, attaching and integrating complex mixed materials in sophisticated and creative ways. And whether a client has multiple kit components, or kits going to multiple stores, we make sure the right kits are delivered to the right locations, on time, every time.

To pack and ship our unique signage and displays, we produce our own boxes using our in-house box-making machine, which increases our speed to market and saves costs.

And, of course, our storage, distribution and fulfillment systems integrate seamlessly with yours.

Assembly & Kitting
Packing & Shipping