Folding Carton and Corrugated Packaging

You deserve a vendor who cares deeply about your brand and who will help you increase your market share by solving your biggest problems. Meyers does that by creating engaging folding carton and corrugated packaging solutions, labels, displays and more for the world’s best brands and retailers. Our packaging offering includes food packaging, retail packaging, printed carton boxes and folding cartons, which we manufacture, warehouse and supply from our headquarters in Minnesota. With Meyers, you’ll find a partnership based on mutual success that lasts for years.

Fast Lead Times

Meyers offers 2-3 week lead times for most orders, giving you greater flexibility and peace of mind.

World's Largest Press

Meyers has a variety of digital and lithographic presses, including the 81" KBA Rapida, which is the largest litho press in the world. These presses create the widest range of packaging options and cost-effective solutions available from any folding carton manufacturer.

National Distribution

Meyers is in the central US, making national distribution quick and cost-effective.

Sample Work

Microsoft Xbox Packaging

Case Study


Xbox Packaging

Meyers is proud to have a decades-long working relationship with Microsoft, creating packaging, cards and more. These O-Sleeve packages wrap around Microsoft Xbox’s standard cartons to promote special game launches or hardware packages. They were created with the utmost attention to detail to create near-perfect color match with the standard Xbox packaging.

Acronis Software Packaging

Case Study


Software Packaging

These folding carton packages were created for retail sales of Acronis software. They’re a perfect example of benefits that come from Meyers designing and producing multiple printed products, which included packaging and download cards in this case.

The packages are paired with download cards that include secure codes. This unique pairing allows Acronis to track codes to specific retail locations via unique QR codes on the package, which are reported back to Acronis when scanned.


The best food packaging suppliers can help you bring your vision to life by designing and engineering your packaging with in-house staff members. Our expert design studio has wealth of experience with folding carton and corrugated packaging designs.

Meyers is a one stop shop for a wide variety of applications, including labels, retail displays, signage and of course, folding carton & corrugated packaging. Producing all these items at a single plant location allows for the delivery of truly impeccable color match and overall brand consistency. Plus, you will save time & energy by managing fewer vendors.

Meyers offers a full range of in-house finishing capabilities, including folding, gluing, die-cutting, litho label & film laminating, embossing and foil stamping.

Some carton box suppliers only create the brown corrugated boxes we commonly refer to as carboard boxes. Other suppliers will print directly onto those boxes. For the most beautifully designed corrugated boxes, a litho label is applied to fully cover the brown box in graphics, which is what Meyers provides.

Other boxes are single layer and would be commonly called a product package, instead of a cardboard box. These rigid or semi-rigid paper boxes are also called folding cartons. Folding cartons typically have print applied directly to the paper box, which can be a wide variety of colors even before graphics are printed. Meyers also provides folding carton design & manufacturing.

Looking to redesign your product’s packaging? Knowing the different printing solutions available will help maximize your adjustments.

For the 27th time in 29 years, Meyers, a national leader in retail brand packaging, product labeling, and retail merchandising solutions,...

Excellence is the goal of everything we do at Meyers, and it’s always rewarding to receive confirmation that our efforts are paying off. Most recently, that confirmation arrived in the form of Hormel Food Corporation’s 2018 Spirit of Excellence Award.