Why our Packaging?

Meyers serves the world’s top brands, meticulously designing and manufacturing product packaging that connects consumers with brands and products.

Our expertise includes specialty carton design, corrugated packaging solutions, and sustainable packaging. We manufacture custom product packaging through digital and traditional lithographic printing processes, and a wide range of finishing and embellishment effects.

By working with Meyers, you’ll have a well-experienced team supporting you, creating a partnership that will help your brand thrive for years to come.
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Collaboration, Excellence, Possibilities

We manufacture product packaging at a serious scale. With an expert design studio and a family company that cares deeply about our team, partners, and customers—you can rely on Meyers to engineer exceptional packaging solutions while guiding you at every step of the production and manufacturing process.

The products Meyers designs and manufactures can be found at virtually every retail outlet across the country. We’ve been helping our clients and their brands be distinctive, attract new customers, and drive more sales since 1949.

The best kept secret in the packaging world.


Get greater flexibility and peace of mind with our 3 – 5 weeks lead times on most product packaging orders while receiving quick and cost-effective distributions.


Find the widest range of packaging options and solutions available. We deliver this with a huge range of production assets, including the largest sheet-fed press on the planet.


Sustainability is central to everything we do here, from designing more sustainable packages to running on 100% renewable electricity.

Our packaging services include:

Custom Product Packaging
Here at Meyers, we aim to provide you with premier custom product packaging by exploring new possibilities that go beyond innovative design. You can pick from any size or dimension and a comprehensive selection of materials best suited for your brand.

From gold foils and soft-touch coatings to vegan materials that feel like leather—we’ll make it possible.
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Folding Cartons
Folding carton boxes are commonly used in the retail market and provide sufficient protection, customization, and cost-effectiveness for most products. These include foods, beverages, cosmetics, personal goods, and more. As your folding cartons manufacturer, Meyers can create custom folding carton designs that will help your brand and products stand out on retail shelves, unboxing videos, shorts/reels, and everywhere in between.
Corrugated Packaging
Corrugated packaging solutions are helpful whenever you require more protection than folding cartons or flexible packaging. These make for excellent shipping containers and product packaging for premium, fragile, or heavy products.

Aside from shipping purposes, corrugated materials have multiple applications ranging from displays to promotions.

Meyers provides corrugated cardboard printing solutions by directly printing onto micro-flute corrugates and using litho laminated labels on thicker gauge corrugates. These litho-lam corrugate packages will help your brand become more noticeable and create a premium feel that can’t be achieved using direct-print on corrugate.
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Soap box packaging
Soap Packaging
Meyers has designed and manufactured soap packaging for leading brands for several years. Regardless if you’re an emerging leader or an established brand, our team will help you get the ideal custom soap packaging while meeting your timelines and reducing costs.

We support dozens of types of soap packaging, a wide range of materials and printing techniques, and can produce any size or shape required.

With extensive manufacturing capabilities and an exceptional design studio team, we can deliver excellent custom product packaging that puts your brand ahead of the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Meyers specializes in providing packaging solutions to the food & beverage, healthy & beauty, sports & outdoors, and technology industries.
The ideal packaging solution will heavily depend on your brand essence, industry, and products. The team at Meyers is always ready to help you navigate the many packaging options you’ll have by providing you with a dedicated support team of packaging experts, plus access to our in-house design studio.
Meyers offers an extensive range of sustainable product packaging solutions within the folding carton (paperboard) and corrugated packaging space.
Here at Meyers, we print directly on micro-flute corrugated packaging using our digital presses. For thicker gauge corrugated packaging, we print onto a litho laminated label and mount that directly to the corrugated packaging.

The kind of packaging you need will depend on numerous factors such as shape, size, and weight. Folding carton packages use a thinner, single-ply paperboard. These are commonly seen with cereal, crackers, and other boxes of lightweight products. 


Corrugated boxes, sometimes called cardboard boxes, are used for premium, fragile and heavy products or during shipping. The most common example of a corrugated box in our lives is an Amazon box delivered to your front door.

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