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Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. We’d say a retail display is worth a thousand ads. When properly delivered, retail displays draw in new customers and boost your brand recognition. To achieve that outcome, you’ll need the right design that beautifully represents the essence of your brand and grabs the shoppers’ attention. You’ll also need a partner you can trust to manufacture, kit, and deliver your retail displays. Meyers has been designing and manufacturing award-winning Point of Purchase (POP) displays for decades. Our clients include the world’s leading brands and retailers who come to us to create inspiring merchandising solutions, custom POP displays, retail signage, labels and more.

Creative Solutions

The design team team at Meyers has over 100 years of combined experience creating thousands of innovative POP displays for the world’s leading brands and retailers.

Flawless Delivery

Custom POP displays typically have several dozen parts that combine to many different kit versions, which are shipped to hundreds or even thousands of retail locations. Meyers is more than a POP manufacturer, we’re experts in kitting and delivery so you can count on getting the right kits at retail locations on-time, every time.

Next-level partnerships

Our team works hard to build an intimate understanding of your brand and your merchandising strategy. This allows us to deliver perfectly tailored solutions you won’t anywhere else. We take pride in this sort of next-level partnership and how it leads to relationships that last decades.

Sample Work

Ulta Paris Presents Display

Design, Temporary Display, End Cap

Case Study
Ulta – Paris Presents


This holiday endcap developed by Meyers for Ulta Paris Presents highlighted Ulta’s EcoTools and Real Techniques brands during peak gift giving season. An instruction sheet for setting up the display was provided to retailers, who could easily refill the displays as needed. Cost effective and convenient, the display boosted in-store sales of these products by 30 percent.

Disney Castle Retail Display

Design, Interactive Display, Permanent Display

Case Study
Kohls – Disney Jumping Beans


Disney is a strong brand that deserves a dynamic presence. That’s just what Meyers created to draw attention to the Disney Jumping Beans kids clothing line in 1,146 Kohl’s stores around the country. Router cut from blue, red and orange OnColor Edgeglo Bright Edge Transparence Colors and frosted acrylic, the displays appeared to leap from the aisles, attracting customers to this fun, easy to pair and easy to wear clothing line.

Saucony Reflex Display

Design, Countertop Display

Case Study
Saucony – Reflex Series

To help launch its Reflex Series of running shoes, Saucony needed a cost effective, eye catching countertop display. Meyers designed an innovative yet inexpensive structure that featured die cuts, lights and the EdgeGlo acrylic shelf to capture the new shoe’s brand essence, reflectivity. For added flair, the acrylic shelf featured a laser image of the Saucony logo.

Lego Standee Display

Design, Semi-Permanent Display

Case study
Lego – Traveling Fun Kit


Used at in-store events at 25 locations, the Lego standee was part of a Travelling Fun Kit. It was easy to assemble and take down so that merchandisers could set it up quickly and was one of several items packed into a custom-manufactured carrying case that resembled a suitcase. The other items, when assembled, created a “construction site” where children could build with Lego sets.


In addition, the clipboard on each display held a custom frame containing 8.5 x 11″ flyers. The flyers were custom printed at each store and included specific details of the event to be held at each location.


Custom retail displays elevate the featured products or special campaigns by capturing shoppers’ attention. Product displays drive immediate purchasing decisions, boost brand awareness, and reinforce your brand promises by occupying spaces that are larger than your products and more unique than the typical product-on-shelf setup. Similarly, retail displays draw attention to special campaigns by bringing decorations into the foreground and often creating larger-than-life experiences.

The standard brand guidelines on colors, even when well defined with specific PMS colors, generally won’t be enough to ensure a perfect match. Different materials or even finishes (gloss vs matte) can make the exact same color appear slightly different. The best possible way to confront this issue is by comparing finished packaging and displays directly next to each other under a variety of lighting conditions, then making changes as needed to manufacture the perfect match. Few POP manufacturers can offer this as displays and packaging are typically produced at separate locations on very tight timelines, leaving little to no room for correction mid-run. Meyers solves this problem by manufacturing labels, packaging and displays at a single plant with coordinated production schedules.

With Meyers, all you need is your brand. Our in-house design team creates graphic designs, structural designs, and everything else needed for your displays so they align perfectly with your brand. We can also create your product packaging and retail signage. Brands who come to Meyers for product packaging, labels and retail displays can expect the most beautifully paired merchandising in their industry.

Yes, Meyers has a large in-house warehouse, in additional to an industry-leading kitting and shipping team. We even built our own software system for tracking the kitting and shipping process to handle the most sophisticated pack outs in the industry with near-perfect execution every time.

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