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If you need packaging, you’ve come to the right place. Many of the world’s greatest brands trust Meyers as their folding cartons manufacturer, from household names like ULTA Beauty and Microsoft to the hottest new brands like Bearsville. We’re a family business, a leading producer, and skilled designers.

Our verified sustainability initiatives will help you reach important goals, whether focusing on eliminating single-use plastics, incorporating recycled materials, or reducing your carbon footprint. Our in-house, expert design studio is here to help with everything from structural engineering to materials selection. And we can handle virtually any size folding carton – our plant includes the largest sheet-fed litho press in the world.

We are Meyers. Welcome to the family.

Custom Folding Cartons

Perfectly Suited To Your Brand

Your brand deserves bespoke packaging – something made just for you that’s perfectly suited to your products, your needs, and your customers. We love bringing brands to life and spurring new ideas. The opportunity to create these substantial parts of your brand that consumers see and feel before they use your product is what drives us.

While some packaging companies offer ‘custom packaging’ that only lets you change the artwork, we create new possibilities. Our genuinely custom folding cartons allow you to pick any size, all dimensions, a wide variety of materials, and more. Gold foils? No problem. Soft-touch coatings? No problem. How about vegan packaging that feels like leather or even crocodile skin? Yeah, we can do that. Seriously.

With Meyers as your folding cartons manufacturer, your custom folding cartons will help your brand and your products stand out on retail shelves, in unboxing videos, and everywhere in between.

Folding Cartons & Boxes


Most products you buy come in folding carton boxes for a good reason. They’re not too heavy and not too light. They represent beauty and quality, but they’re not too expensive. Form and functionality at a budget-friendly price define the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ of packaging, where folding cartons live.

Folding carton boxes provide precisely the right amount of protection, customization, and cost-effectiveness for most products. They’re a perfect fit for most foods, beverages, cosmetics, personal goods, and more. Unless your products are super heavy, extra fragile, or ultra-luxurious, we’re sure our folding carton boxes will be the perfect packaging solution for your brand.

Buy Direct

You'll Be Glad!

We manufacture all our folding cartons at our production facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Buying directly from a folding carton manufacturer means you’ll get them faster, you’ll have better visibility into your supply chain, you’ll be supporting US jobs, and you’ll be getting the best deal. We all need a bit of help now and then, so there are times when the best choice is a distributor or a broker. Going straight to a folding carton manufacturer like Meyers is the right choice if you want the best deal on the best packaging. Our team is here to help you through every step of the process; design to materials selection, optimizing packaging to work with your production lines, and, of course, manufacturing.

Bearsville Folding Cartons Case Study

Bearsville’s hope was to create sustainable packaging that more clearly expressed the various fragrances of their products.

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